Benefits of Mushroom Soil

A natural product like ours offers a lot of benefits when growing various plants.

High Organic Matter
In today’s world, we have noticed the number of non-organic materials that have entered our world. While these substances are found and used on a daily basis, we can proudly state that our mushroom compost has an extremely high concentration of organic matter. As a result, the compost can retain moisture during dry seasons, but will shed moisture during wet seasons.

Mushrooms require an extremely stable environment. If their growth is disrupted by temperature variances, or inconsistencies in the substrate, they will not grow. Our attention to detail and necessity for consistency guarantees that the compost you use will be of the same quality with each delivery. Like humans, plants like consistency and stability. Our mushroom compost helps you achieve that goal.

Weed Free
Everyone hates weeds. You can receive topsoil from various places, but often there are weeds that tend to make their way into the soil and sprout after your plants start to grow. Due to our extensive composting process, indoor pasteurization, stable, and weed free environment, you can rest assured you will not wake up the next morning and look to find weeds crawling all over.

pH Level
Because of the consistency of our mushroom compost, we average at 6.2 on the pH scale. With that level, our mushroom compost is a great substitute for lime and is much easier and safer to spread for most applications.


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